Not much to say right now other than let you know what my current gear is:


2013 Thorn SoCal GT #104 "MooCaster"  Another brilliant work by Ron Thorn! Tele covered in cow hide!  Thorn Stapletop in the bridge, and a TV Jones Classic in the neck.
2012 PRS Angelus Custom, Cocobolo, OM Acoustic:  Voice of the Gods!
2010 PRS 25th Anniversary Singlecut Hollowbody II CB, Double Ten Top  (This is the guitar they used for their sales promo pics, and for the announcement of the model at the Experience PRS 2009!  Here is a picture of Howard Leese (Heart, Bad Company, Paul Rogers) holding it at the event!)
2010 Thorn SoCal G/T #30 (For Sale)
2009 PRS Ted McCarty Ltd SC245 (OMG!)
2009 PRS Ted McCaarty Ltd SC Soapbar (OMG!)
2009 Fender Jaguar Bass with 2Tek Bridge THUMP!
2007 Martin DC16-RGTE Aura, Great guitar!  The best dreadnaught I have owned!
2005 PRS 513 - Brazilian Rosewood at it's finest!
90's Hamer Cruise Bass with 2Tek bridge... A gift from my buddy Mike Hanson of The 2Tek company
1986 PRS Custom, Emerald Green (faded).  SN#6 18XX
1978 Yamaha classical guitar (you always need a beat up ol' nylon stringed guitar around!)
Variax 500, Black...  a million guitars in one.


Tone King Metropolitan - OMG!  The rhythm channel is DA BOMB!



Cakewalk's Sonar Producer X2 software
Komplete 8 with some add ons
Presonus Firepod (For some tech tips for the Firepod, check here!)
KRK RP8 Monitors
M-Audio StudioPro 3 Monitors
Line 6 POD XT
Behringer Bass V-Amp
Yamaha MoX 6 synth
DOD SR460H 6 channel headphone amplifier
ART PS 4x4 Power Station
Audio Technica AT4040 large diaphragm condenser mic 
MXL 992 Large Diaphragm Condenser Mic
Shure SM58 Beta
Shure SM57
Tons of DirectX and VST effects
Native Instruments Hardcore Bass (Bass softsynth)
Native Instruments Hardcore Bass XP (Bass softsynth)
Native Instruments Battery 3 (Drum softsynth)
Lots of drum loops... I dig drum loops!  For some REALLY cool ones, check out the folks at Beta Monkey Music!  I have several of their CDROMs of loops, and use them all the time!  They are very nice folks to work with, too!


To much to remember, or even try to remember over the years... so here are just a few things I have sold in the last couple of years!

2013 Collings D10
1996 Collings 0001A - Big sound, small package!
2012 PRS Angelus SE Custom, 0M Acoustic
Alesis QS6.1 Synthesizer w/ "Classical Instruments" and "Sanctuary" sound expansion cards currently installed
1988 PRS CE24, Pearl White, alder body, regular neck with BRW board,  McCarty Switching "Chip"
2006 PRS Cu22 Artist, one peice BURL top! Woot! Killer killer killer guitar! "Burl Ives"2
009 PRS 305 Prototype, solid figured alder, coil tap for vintage 65 Strat tone
004 Fender American Deluxe Telecaster with 2Tek Bridge (I just want to say that the Tele and the 2Tek were MADE for each other!)
2011 2Tek Zebrawood Tele! Lace Sensors, 2Tek Bridge, of course...
Crate Power Block - Great little backup head!
Fender Acoustasonic 30
Greer Studio10 - Talk about versatile!  Several amps in one little package!
Fender Blues Deluxe - Awesome amp... just awesome!
90's Epiphone Riviera, Black, 2 Mini NY Humbuckers... Cool Guitar!
2010 PRS 25th Anniversary Swamp Ash Special Narrowfield
1989 PRS Curly Bass 4, Gray Black
1998 PRS McCarty Rosewood, Violin Amber Burst "Rosie"
2003 Taylor 314-CE-L4 (L4 = Fishman electronics)
2003 PRS Santana Brazilian #118, Orange with a SICK SICK SICK Brazilian rosewood neck! "118"
2000 Fender Standard Jazz Bass
2001 Taylor 355 12 String
2001 Yamaha APX-12a 12 string electric/acoustic guitar
2005 Gold Tone Paul Beard PB-GRS Metal Bodied Resonator
2001 Gibson Les Paul Classic, Vintage Burst, DiMarzio Virtual PAFs.
2004 PRS McCarty Soapbar, Employee Model, Raspberry, Chrome Pup Covers, Clear Knobs
2004 PRS Custom 22 Artist Pack Quilt, Blue Matteo, Stop Tail, Nickel Hardware "Ducky"
2003 PRS Custom 22 with a W/T neck, Whale Blue Quilt and Birds... 
2003 PRS Hollowbody II, Teal Black, Birds, Gold Hardware, Piezo
2004 PRS Soabbar SE, Charcoal Burst (I can't say enough about these guitars for the money!)
2005 PRS Soapbar SE II, White (again, great guitar for the money!)
1992 Fender American Deluxe Stratocaster
2000 Les Paul Special HB, Faded Cherry
2002 Fender Standard Telecaster in Midnight Wine with a DiMarzio Twang King in the neck and a DiMarzio Fast Track T in the bridge
2002 Yamaha APX-9c electric/acoustic guitar (sweeeet!)
1996 Takamine EG-334c electric/acoustic guitar
Fulltone Clyde Deluxe Wah
Rivera Thirty Twelve combo, JJ's & Generic Chinese tubes to brighten it up a little (2xEL34Ls and 5xECC83S), speaker is an Eminence "The Governor"
Traynor YCV-40 Combo amp, JJ's (2x6L6 and 3xECC83S), and a 1x12 extension cabinet
1985 Peavey Bandit, 1x12 SS 80 watt Combo. 
Alesis RA-100 Power Amp
Alesis Monitor One monitors
Alesis Microverb III
Alesis Microverb IV
Boss DR770 Drum Machine

I have a bunch of other stuff packed away, as well... who knows?  Maybe I'll pull them out and use them again someday.  Or maybe I will find them a new home on Ebay.   :-)

Here's a sample of my stuff.  It's a very compressed MP3 for web downloading size, so the quality is not the best.  Ah, well... anyway,  I wrote this at the beginning of the summer of 2004...  I dig it. :-)  It's called "Like an Old Brown Shoe".  I need to clean up some of the drums, and change the vocals a bit.  I mean... "You took my house, my car, my heart and left me with crud, baby!" just has to go.  :-)  Also, some more mellow stuff... a little cover called Zombie.  For Irish Folk Music there is The Wild Colonial Boy.  For some down and out blues, there is always the classic Red House (on a backing track).

And there is always for other recordings I have done!


I also do West African hand drumming, with the following instruments:

13" x 24" traditional wood djembe made in Ivory Coast if linke wood
12" x 23" Remo Djembe
13" x 25" traditional wood Bougarabou made in Ivory Coast
8" x 15" Remo Dumbek (OK, so that's Middle Eastern rather then West African!)
Misc percussion: Cowbell, fruit shakers, bodhran, etc..